CLASS Coalition

Support. Skills. Opportunity.


The CLASS Coalition is…

a national association of principals and leaders from nearly one hundred of the top-rated high schools who are acutely aware of the challenges facing the nation's students. Too often, the brightest children from under-resourced communities don't have the support and opportunities necessary to maximize their potential. In today’s competitive global economy, high-achieving students from all socioeconomic backgrounds must be supported in a manner that allows for optimal growth through education and opportunity.


Our goal is..

to close the excellence gap and strengthen the school-to-workforce pipeline. The excellence gap is the disparity in achievement levels between low-income and higher-income students with equal abilities. CLASS Coalition helps close this gap through programing, targeted scholarship promotion, and community advocacy. CLASS builds bridges and networks between educators, legislators, and industry leaders to bolster the school to workforce pipeline. Our theory of change is that by helping to close the excellence gap and strengthen the school-to-workforce pipeline, CLASS Coalition is working to ensure that low-income, high-performing students have equal access to top-rated universities, and thus equal future opportunities in the increasingly competitive workforce.


Our Work


We provide professional development for school leaders through our webinars, access to innovative programming, services and scholarships featured in our newsletters, and opportunities to partner with companies. CLASS is in the early stages of developing a portal featuring unique student opportunities including internships, mentorships, test prep, and job shadowing!


CLASS breaks down silos by connecting schools with corporate businesses and political leaders. We hold conferences, events, and roundtables to build bridges so that education stays in sync with the current industry and workforce needs.


CLASS works with political leaders to advocate for and advance legislation that promotes educational equity and career readiness. This includes presenting in front of the National Governors’ Association, meeting with U.S. Senators offices, and aiding members of the House on STEM legislation.