About the Junior Board

The newly formed CLASS Coalition Junior Board aims to include a dynamic group of young corporate executives, nonprofit leaders, university students, education innovators, and policy makers from leading companies and universities dedicated to volunteering their time and energy to empowering CLASS Coalition’s critical mission. Our junior board is a volunteer group selected to give invaluable advice and support to our leadership team. Unlike our Board of Directors, it does not have any formal legal responsibilities. There are opportunities for individuals from a variety of backgrounds including the those who are politically-minded, tech professionals, financial bankers, or marketing focused.


What does the Junior Board do?

A critical part of serving on the junior board is sharing your strategic insights with CLASS. We’ll be asking you questions about enrichment programs that would benefit our students like “how can high schools strengthen the school to workforce pipeline or help close the excellence gap?” Besides that, you’ll also have the opportunity to:

  • Help design and launch an information sharing hub that connects students, schools, and private sectors to form a one-of-a-kind school to workforce pipeline

  • Help build an innovation network so that CLASS can be briefed on what new education technologies are changing the world that we can tap into for our students

  • Help design and create programs  in conjunction with our partners for high school students including open innovation challenges, mentoring, career speaker series and job shadowing

  • Help organize round tables and events and working groups between industry, university and high school leaders, paving the way for increased collaboration between schools and businesses

  • Help us reach out to companies, likeminded university students, and student clubs to coordinate activities and partnerships

  • Help organize a Hill/Lobby day for education reform and policy. Coordinate between local elected officials and school leaders

  • Collaborate with CLASS leaders and legislators on implementing policies which help academic leaders better identify and monitor the achievement of low-income, high-achieving students

  • For young professionals, help the board in raising funds from leading corporations and host events


This is an excellent opportunity to give back, be apart of a non-profit and network amongst other professionals who share the same passion for education. Affect real change in schools at a time when leadership is sorely needed and gain additional leadership experience and career skills. Members have the unique opportunity to serve as advocates for CLASS Coalition’s important work to empower students across the US, while advancing their personal, professional, and leadership goals. You will have the opportunity to build invaluable connections as part of a large philanthropic network, and help build a community among like-minded people across various organizations, regions, and industries, dedicated to our shared cause.

Interested in joining?